Modern Technology

The BEEdale smartHIVE platform has been carefully crafted around the sensitive requirements of bees, as well as the demands of the modern beekeeper. "BEEdale integrates with your enviroment to ensure optimum visibility regarding the health of your hives, as well as the yield."

Industrial Base

Designed around an industrial backbone, the smartHIVE platform incorporates a variety of functions integral to it's daily operation:

Solar power supply input
Battery condition monitoring
Hive temperature monitoring & logging
Hive intrusion monitoring
Harvesting mode override
GSM-based backhaul communications
Integrated RTC (Real Time Clock)

smartHIVE™ Dashboard

Latest web standards | Easy & intuitive interface | Quick access to vital metrics

The BEEdale smartHIVE™ Management Suite provides beekeepers instant insights regarding the health of their smartHIVE's, as well as historical analysis and access to the BEEdale eCoSyStem.


The BEEdale Management Suite is an intuitive, web-based management platform designed with the latest mobile technology to simplify the process for any user with minimal training requirements.


Harvest more than just honey from your hives today, contact us to discuss how BEEdale and the intuitive smartHIVE™ Platform can help manage your apiaries to their maximum potential.